Going Into Grocery Stores

Why are nutritious and convenient products hard to find? And why, when you do find those great products, are they usually so darn expensive??

If you’re a parent reading this, then you have likely spent time hunting grocery store shelves for snacks that your child will eat.... but won't send them spiralling down the rabbit hole of a sugar high. Let’s get real—my kids probably eat 50% of their snacks in the car while we’re on the way to soccer/ballet/hockey/gymnastics/birthday parties/playdates/circus school/snake charming..... so healthy snacks are a huge need in my family.

At GnuSante, our goal is to meet that need with excellent products that kids love, and parents feel good about. In order to do that, we've made a few decisions which we think result in better products:

    1. We spend money on ingredients- not mass marketing. Marketing adds huge cost to the system, but offers no tangible benefit to consumers. So instead of going through the traditional exercise of spending big money to tell you what you want, we simply listen to your needs, then create our products accordingly.

    2. We produce our drinks ourselves, in our own facility. That means that we always control the quality and quantity of our products, ensuring the freshest and healthiest beverages for our customers.

    3. We sell directly to retailers whenever possible. These are retailers you trust, who share our mandate for healthy food and communities and are all-around great people. See a complete list of stores under our drinks - gnu near you

So that sums up how we do things here. We hope that we are simplifying snack time for your family!

ps- What's important to you in a food company? We'd love to hear it!!

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