Spring Fit Snack Box
Spring Fit Snack Box
Spring Fit Snack Box
Spring Fit Snack Box
Spring Fit Snack Box
Spring Fit Snack Box
Spring Fit Snack Box
Spring Fit Snack Box
Spring Fit Snack Box
Spring Fit Snack Box
Spring Fit Snack Box

Spring Fit Snack Box

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A delicious collection of B.C. products delivered to your doorstep, help spring into fitness with this delicious of healthy snacks! In this collection of treats you have everything from sweet treats & tasty snacks to items that help make cozy eats & delicious drinks PLUS an eco-friendly water bottle & DripFit rub to assist your workouts.

Support local businesses and help us raise money for local charity: The Cinderella Project

Includes: 3 gnubees pouches, 3 pouches of herbaland good news gummies, 2 pouches of rviita, 1 bag of Cannon Balls, Smartbite Quinoa Fiber Crispbread and Amaranth rice cakes, 1 jar Luv the Grub, 1 bag of white cheddar Lotus Pops, 1 acari fish jerky, 1 DripFit mini butterschotch, 1 eco friedly collapsable water bottle. 

 ** Read details on each product below 

We wanted better. So, we created GnuSanté, for the express purpose of delivering honest, nutritional benefits. We wanted to put the consumer before the corporation.

We use simple, healthy, non-GMO ingredients, sourced as locally as possible, and formulate them to deliver specific nutritional benefits. All of our business choices are centered around what’s best for the consumer and the environment.

We were told we couldn’t succeed doing small batch production with high priced, quality ingredients. We’re proving them wrong every day, because consumers deserve better and are demanding better.

Why do we love Gnubees

nutritional snack, convenient & environmentally friendly 


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Snack Box

Amazing treats from local companies! Helps me stay healthy and support local! Amazing variety of goodies as always. Thank you for putting these together. One stop health shop for me!

Great value & collection

Sent this as gifts to friends and for a personal treat. My friend have loved it and have been impressed with its value and discovering awesome local brands

Great variety

I haven’t had a chance to try much but the few items I have tried that I have never used before have been great! Definitely will get another one. Worth the money!

Amazing snack box

I ordered these snack boxes for each of my teammates who took part in a remote multi-day workshop. Everyone loved them! The snacks are healthy, delicious, and worked great for our dietary preferences. And my team, which is based in the lower mainland, loved the fact that the snacks were local. Service was amazing. The boxes were shipped to each teammate in time. I would definitely buy these great snack boxes again.

SO glad to hear everyone loved them! We are pretty proud of our local snack collections and love hearing how people enjoyed.


Just quick note about the customer service at GnuSante. Thank you for
your thoughtfulness. We ordered snack boxes for our four grandchildren
who are spread out between the lower mainland and the prairies. The staff
at Gnu Sante reached out to me to double check the addresses (I might
have messed up a few...), and got the boxes delivered on time to some very
happy campers. It just felt like the staff actually care about what they
are doing and how they do it. The kids (and adults!) had fun opening
them, and although Gnubees Raspberry is the perennial favourite, they all
enjoyed sharing each of the unique contents with moms and dads. Overall a
great experience for everyone! Thank you!

Soo Many Healthy Treats to Spring to Fit with

Acari - El Diablito jerky is the meat you crave but it's better for you and the planet.

Dripfit - a 100% natural workout intensifier, what ever areas you rub on this topical cream, you will feel the warmth and an increase in perspiration

gnubees - fruity nutritional snack beverages with 6g protein & 3g fibre enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Herbaland - delicious, natural, nutritional vitamins and supplement gummies for kids, adults, athletes and for all your health and wellness needs

Luv the Grub - Made with blueberries, sage, red pepper flakes, and balsamic; our blueberry sage chutney is unique, sweet, spicy, and packed with yum!

Mrs. Cannon Balls - a versatile mix, gluten free packed with protein for the whole family! Make balls, bars, add to smoothies or make cookies in minutes.

Rviita – fuel your adventures with a delicious blend of tea based caffeine, golden organic honey, mouth-watering fruit juice, and vitamins. 

Sacred Foods -hand picked lotus seeds, popped in small batches and roasted to perfection using natural seasonings and olive oil –you can indulge in snacking while still feeling nourished

Smartbite - A tasty, deliciously light and crispy pick-me-up! Our crisps are a snack with extra flavour, whole grain goodness and our favourite superfoods.

Water bottle - Silicone collapsible water bottle is made fromFood Grade silicone material. Perfect for outdoor use such as camping, traveling, gym and more. 

The Story Behind our Snack Boxes

Early in COVID, GnuSanté was faced with new and uncertain challenges. On an evening run, brainstorming on how to address new challenges, support fellow small businesses & help our local community I thought on some fashion friends that were building survival boxes with fellow brands - why can't we in food do this?! Most snack boxes I had looked into charged brands to be in them which isn't feasible for most small companies. So I thought why not create our own box that actually financially helps small brands, creates brand exposure and raises funds for local charities - so I got to it, and the local survival snack box was born.