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we believe health drinks should be better

After years spent working in the health drink industry, watching good, nutritional values take a backseat to “easy” and “cheaper” ingredients, we set out to do things better.


simply good

We believe great drinks come from great ingredients. So we only use the good stuff.


honestly healthy

We don’t believe in empty calories, artificial ingredients, sugar crashes or anything GMO.


earth respecting

We believe less is more. We produce small batches with lightweight pouches for a smaller footprint.


6 pouches

Wanna try it out before your first case or do not have a favourite flavour yet? Go ahead and get crazy with 2 pouches of Raspberry, 2 pouches of Mango and 2 pouches of Banana. Mix it up, baby!


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Gnew Subscrpition Service

Easy, convenient and no fuss! By subscribing to our delivery service you have one less thing to think about or stress to get done. Easy grab and go snacks delivered to your doorstep. Pick how much, how often, and SAVE!

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why pouches

Aside from it being super convenient to shove into a backpack, they are also better for the environment.

Did you know that pouches have the lowest package weight to product weight ratio? 

In fact, for every truckload of beverages in pouches, you would require 26 truckloads in bottles. YIKES! This means less raw materials are used, less waste and less carbon emissions from transportation!

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