a dietitan approved snacking option

our ingredients

grass fed whey protein

Whey is the gold standard in proteins, as it the only option with a complete amino acid profile. We also ensure the humane treatment and sustainability of our whey, so we selected high quality grass-fed whey protein.

prebiotic fibersol

Not only do the majority of us not get enough fiber in our diets, but did you know fiber helps with the release of energy, that means no sugar peaks or crashes.

read about Fibersol probiotics
coconut cream & organic juices

for a delicious milkshake-like experience we create gnubees+ with a blend of coconut cream and organic juices.

A not so guilty delight!

Vitamin D

A natural source of Vitamin D from organic mushroom harvested in America and exposed to UV light before drying for an excellent potent source of vitamin D.

Vitamin C

30% of daily vitamin C in each pouch! Combined with vitamin D to help keep the family running.

Organic Honey

to add a touch of for sweetness and a way we choose to help support the bees! Did you know that 70 of the top 100 crops rely on the pollination of bees.