what's inside

high quality ingredients & dietitian approved

what we put into us, becomes us

We recognize that the health of our bodies and minds is directly affected by the quality of our nutrition. As such the selection of our ingredients is based upon documented research concerning efficacy and safety.

What's Becoming You

nutritional information

90-100 calories per pouch

6 grams of whey protein

3 grams of soluble fibre

15% of daily calcium & magnesium

naturally sweetened with juice & honey

our ingredients

The gold standard of proteins! Our easily digestible whey protein contains all essential amino acids.

This natural source of fibre helps regulate sugar levels. supports immunity and has a great effect on overall health.

By using organic juice we capture delicious taste & natural goodness including vital minerals & vitamins

Did you know milk minerals are natural and easily digested and help to maintain strong bodies.

Organic tapioca is a gluten free way to get quality energy and support to growing, active bodies.

To support the bees! And because it contains micronutrients along with a subtle and unique sweetness - yum!

Magnesium naturally sourced for the ocean compliments the milk minerals to provide a great mineral profile for growing bodies.

Our pectin provides natural stability and smoothness without affecting the flavour of our tasty gnubees