Are Pouches the best choice for our Environment?

Are Pouches the best choice for our Environment?

Pouches are the Best Option for Packaging Available 

Hi Autumn here! 

As today is 🌎 Earth Day I wanted to take a moment and share with you our passion for this beautiful planet - both personally and as a business practice. 

As you can imagine, family businesses can come with their head butting and  difference of opinions, but one thing we can all agree on and connect to is uncompromising quality in our ingredients and making the best business practice choices for protecting and taking care of our planet. This include small actions like using recycled paper for our boxes, cards and environmentally friendly stickers to larger choices like small batch productions (which reduce product and water waste) and choosing packaging such as flexible pouches that have a significantly smaller carbon footprint and water usage than any other packaging available! 


Did you know:

Flexible pouches have 4x less environmental cost than any other beverage packaging options! 

How is this???


1) They require less material than other options, meaning less energy to produce, less water used in creation and less space consumed = LESS ENERGY & FEWER NATURAL RESOURCES used!

2) They are lighter in weight, meaning less energy used in transportation = LOWER CO2 EMISSIONS.

Fun fact: One truckload of flat pouches is equal to 15 to 25 truckloads of empty rigid containers.

How about water impact? An essential resource that is vital to our planet and up until recently was often overlooked. Well let's look at water usage impact of various packaging choices.

 A highlight of water used by various packaging options:


As a company, we are committed to always making the best choices and continue to push for better packaging, ingredients and manufacturing options for the health of our environment. We are proud members of the Climate Collaborative -- check them out and the other companies that have pledge to be the best for the health of our planet. You can read more about our environmental choices on our "our choices" page about positive environmental practices

On a personal note, the environment has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. When I chose to become a vegetarian at the age of 11 (199....sssh) it was for environmental impacts of processing and raising of livestock. I was a little activities against clear-cut logging and today, as a scuba instructor a key part of my teaching is how important the oceans are to the health of the planet and how we, as divers can take care of them and help spread the love. It was a mutual passion of environmental actions, being outdoors, enjoying our planet and taking care of her that brought my Father and I closer than ever. And it is that mutual passion that drives us to be a better beverage company. 


To celebrate Earth Day, we wanted to share a few small actions you can take to help our planet: 

1) Hold corporations accountable - demand better! 

2) Enjoy nature, get outside - one is more inclined to feel compelled to take care of those things when they take time to enjoy and participate in them.

3) Use & Reuse - find fun and imaginative ways to reuse e.g., take that pouch and make it into an ice pack!

4) Support the bees - Plant for pollinators (did you know bees pollinate 70% of our food crops?!) 

5) Take a moment to learn and support conservation(s) you believe in - Be an informed consumer and don’t buy into the latest marketing. Put your pennies into organizations that partake in actions that you value. It all adds up! 


We would love to hear what you think about pouches or actions that help you appreciate and take care of our planet - comment below! 

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