Meet Lou the Gnu

Meet Lou the Gnu


Hi my Name is Lou 

I am the mascot of gnubees and proud to be the face of such a tasty & healthy snack. 

You may have spotted me on our pouches or maybe getting dressed up for various holidays on our social media & newsletters. Well, I thought it was about time I introduced myself and what better day to do so than on Make a Friend Day (I would like to be your friend). 

I am Lou the Gnu! 

I was born on the grasslands of the Serengeti, but I now live happily with my GnuSanté family in Vancouver, BC. My relentless pursuit for nutrition continues of course, but now I am focused on finding the best nutrition for all our #gnubeeskids.   

Here are some fun questions I thought I would answer to help introduce myself. 

  • My favourite time of day is sunrise, I love to see the light peak into a gnu day and all the hope and adventures that lay ahead.
  • If I were to teach any subject, it would be science. I love learning all the ways things are interconnected and work - chemistry, physics and biology, it is all so fascinating. 
  • I would love to see a movie about a gnu love story, or maybe a brother and sister gnu & their adventures across the grasslands.
  • I’d love to listen to a podcast all about gnu gnews.
  • The best room in my house is the formulation lab - it's where we try out and develop all those tasty healthy beverages - yum!
  • My favourite song is Louie Louie, but not because of the name but because of the awesome yellow sweater vests worn by the band the Kingsmen, who originated the song. (I think I could really rock a yellow sweater vest)

It is nice to meet you friend. I look forward to our many adventures together. If you have a question for me write them in the comments below and I look forward to answering them. 


Have a wonderful gnu day and don't forget to #DoSomethingGnu 

Lots of love


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