Subscription Service Now Available

Subscription Service Now Available



Easy, convenient and no fuss – just like Gnusanté. By subscribing to our delivery service you have one less thing to think about or stress to get done. Easy grab and go snacks delivered to your doorstep monthly, bi- week – it’s up to you. Pick how much, how often, and it is easy to adjust and manage from the customer portal.


As busy families on the run, gnubees is the perfect grab and go snack that is enjoyed by the whole family… running to ballet/hockey/piano practice (we got you), rushing from tutoring to swim class with no time (we got you), hangry munchkin that just wont stop (we got you), parent craving a late night sweet (we got you). Reseals, compact to pack and all the while having the peace of mind that what is being enjoyed is gnutritious and delicious (and loved by the pickiest of eaters).


Looking for a sweet treat that is not-so-indulgent then gnuFUEL is for you … enjoy a treat that not only satisfies that sweet tooth but, also gives you benefits (10g of protein and 5g of fibre). Instead of that café ice cream, have a café gnuFUEL and feel less like a diet cheater and more like a snack-winner. Having it on subscription service, means it is around and no uber-eats temptation for a 7-eleven guilty treat.


So why are we offering subscription? Because, we all have busy schedules and when you can have one less thing to worry about, that’s one more moment in the day for you. Here at Gnusanté we prioritize both the science behind gnutrition and you the consumer – subscription allows us to provide our high quality product at a further discount to you, our valued customer.


When brainstorming ideas on ways we can help save our customers money the idea of offering subscriptions came up and I jumped up and down. Not only for the cost saving factor but my own experiences with subscription services. When living the hectic LA life, I used a fresh veggie subscription service to ensure that at least once a month I had some fresh fruit and vegetables to keep my healthy eating somewhat on track and affordable – it was the best – at my doorstep without having to remember, fight traffic or stress about. So when it was suggested as a way to provide saving for our consumers, I immediately thought about how subscriptions had helped me get great nutrition while managing a hectic schedule and that gnusanté customers would enjoy the same convenience and cost saving benefits.


So now gnubees and gnuFUEL can be here for you: subscribe, save and reduce your anxiety over healthy snacks.


Have questions about gnubees or our new subscription service? Send us a message on instagram. We’re always up for chatting about gnutrition, our business or hearing about how we can better serve you.

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