Tap the North

natural hydration in our backyard

Birch Sap

Our birch sap is sustainably tapped in north British Columbia, in a small town called Horsefly. It's located at the latitude of 52 degrees north, pretty neat!

Birch Water actually contains no water, it’s 100% sap from a birch tree. In the spring when the birch tree thaws, we tap into the tree and sap drips out. The sap has the same viscosity as water, which is why it’s known as birch “water”.

It is rich in antioxidants and micronutrients - going beyond just a hydrating beverage.

We only take a fraction of the sap; the tree stays standing and healthy and the sap is renewed yearly! Mother Nature is quite impressive.

How's It Made

In the Fall

birch trees prepare to hibernate by storing nutrient rich sap in their roots.

In the Winter

birch trees sleep, sap stored safely underground.

In the Spring

the North begins to thaw, and birch trees awaken. As spring brings new life, we hand tap this sap in its purest form.