DietiTian Approved

balanced nutrition to fuel their adventures

Each pouch contains 6 grams of whey protein & 3 grams of fibre - not only providing balanced nutrition but also sustained energy (ie. no sugar peaks or crashes)

Made with milk, sweetened with a touch honey for a smoothie that even picky eaters enjoy.

9-12g of sugar per pouch (1/3 the sugar amount when compared ounce per ounce to other juices, smoothies and purees)

All natural, clean ingredients - no empty calories and all the good stuff.

whey protein
Whey Protein

The gold standard in proteins with a complete amino acid profile!

chicory root
Chicory Root

95% of people do not get enough fibre, plus helps regulate energy release!

Marine Magnesium

A natural source of magnesium!

Milk Minerals for Calcium

real cream and milk minerals that are packed with essential calcium mineral for growing bones

banana pear mango and raspberries
Milk & Juice

with real juice and cream for a delicious smoothie experience

Organic Honey

A sweet note to each pouch plus our way to support our essential bees


to help with sweetness without all that sugar.


to help build a smoothie experience and keep us stable.

Vitamin C

15% of your daily recommened Vitamin C

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