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We started developing gnubees in 2012 and came to you, our consumer in 2013. Since then we continue to focus on consumer feedback along with research and development to ensure that our products exceeding our consumers expectations .

gnu (new)

sante - french word for health


gnubees™ beverages are “shelf stable” which means they don't spoil so long as the pouch is sealed. However, after about 24 months some of the vitamins may begin to degrade so some of the nutrients will no longer meet "label claim" (the amount of a nutrient that we say it contains on the package). As with nearly everything but wine, gnubees™  are better fresh!

We do a 12 month best before date from production to ensure maximized nutritional value. 

gnubees™ are packaged in single serving pouches but if you don’t finish the whole thing, you can pop it in the fridge and consume it within 48 hours.

No. We pasteurize our beverages to avoid the use of preservatives.

Also, we believe that what you consume is critical to your health, so we keep out artificial colours, anything artificial (like flavour enhancers or sweeteners), anything GMO, pH stabilizers and buffering agents

Whey protein isolate is a complete protein, that is it contains all 9 of the essential amino acids for healthy growth. Not other protein, be it plant-based or soy can compare to whey's profile structure and rate of absorption. 

Fibre is so often overlooked and on average people do not get the suggested daily amount. Fibre is a nutritional superhero! Along with it's bonding structures it is thought to create a protective coating in the stomach a small intestine, buffering the body's glycemic response.


All ingredients that go into gnubees™ are GMO-Free. Whenever appropriate, we use organic ingredients. In some instances, we are not able to get organic certified ingredients because they simply don't exist (as in the case of some minerals), and in some instances using organic certified ingredients adds cost but not value. We take ingredient selection very seriously and don't allow organic certification to be an excuse to stop thinking.

gnubees is plus is great for everyone 2 and up. Kids is smaller and focused on supporting strong bones with calcium and magnesium, ie the kids. Plus is a bit larger and has vitamin C & D instead. But both great for everyone 2+

With the supplemental fiber it is always good to check with your pediatrician first for those under 2 before adding supplemental fiber into their diets. Plus honey ;)

52 North

We’re glad you asked! Birch Water actually contains no water, it’s 100% sap from a birch tree. In the spring when the birch tree thaws, we tap into the tree and sap drips out. The sap has the same viscosity as water, which is why it’s known as birch “water”.

Great question. It all really depends on what dietary restrictions you have. 52° North is proud to say that our beverages are produced in a nut free facility. Our products may also be consumed by those who are celiac, gluten free, and Kosher. Our Birch Water line is vegan friendly, however our Spruce Tip Tea does contain honey. As always, ask your doctor if you are unsure.

Without getting too scientific, the original pH of the birch sap varies, but ranges from 5.0 - 5.20 however, we pasteurize the product and lower the pH to under 4.10 to meet Canadian regulations, which makes the product shelf stable.

No! The reason why we love birch sap as an alternative for coconut water is that it’s sustainable and found right in our backyard. We only take a fraction of the sap; the tree stays standing and healthy and the sap is renewed yearly! Mother Nature is quite impressive.

We tap our Birch Sap in a small town called Horsefly, in BC. It's located at the latitude of 52 degrees north, pretty neat!


Yep! Unopened pouches make great little ice-packs for lunch bags and once defrosted, are still delicious and nutritious! Just be sure you defrost them in either the fridge or an insulated cooler bag and shake them before drinking.

Our BPA Free pouches are comprised of 4 layers: An interior layer of PE (Polyethylene) is the sealant and holds the product. Next comes a layer of aluminum to provide a barrier from light and oxygen, to protect the vitamins and minerals from degrading. After that is a layer of nylon for strength. Lastly is a layer of PET for structure/rigidity.

Nope. Don't do that. 

Just bring them to a recycling depot or drop them in your BC blue bin. They are aggregated by Recycle BC, to read more about this new program they have in place, click here. We recognize that in a perfect world, there would be zero waste. However, we believe that pouches are the way to go, as the energy requirements and CO2 emissions for Other Flexible Plastic Packaging are significantly lower than those of glass, rigid plastic, or even aluminum, therefore, less pollution. This is why we stand behind our packaging and will continually advocate for better and easier recycling routes for consumers to make easier decisions.


We ship across Canada and the United States. 

We ship via Canada Post, orders will usually arrive is 3-7 days but please be aware Canada Post and USPS are running with some delays. 

If you choose local delivery, we run deliveries every Thursday (get your order in by thursday by noon)

Monday-Friday you can also stop by our Burnaby office to pick up your order and receive a discount on your next order plus other treats. 

The Greater Vancouver Region: Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Delta, Richmond, North Vancouver, Langley, Abbotsford, Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Belcarra, Anmore - If you tell people you live in Vancouver, we deliver to you. 

Absolutely - come pick up your order and say hi!

If you are unhappy with one of our GnuSanté products, please reach out to us at and share a bit about your experience with us, so we can make it right!

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