for a GNU tomorrow

We are committed to positive environmental practices and a low carbon footprint. Taking care of our planet is as important to us as helping nourish our families and yours with quality, delicious beverages. And have made a number of pledges to this, including:

climate collaborative member
father daughter team out enjoying nature
It Starts from our Core Belief & Passion

A father & daughter team that continually inspires each other to do better and be better. Making conscious business choices to be better for the environment was never a question, but an internal mandate and focus. When not at the office you can often find Autumn out hiking or diving and Ron enjoying the waterfront of Nova Scotia. At GnuSanté we strive to make the world a better place for this generation & the next.

Small Batch Production

No matter how much we grow, we are committed to small scale production for a number of reasons. It reduces product waste and water waste. It ensure fresh, high quality product and has a low environmental footprint & impact. As we expand and grow into new markets, it allows us to open more small production pods in different communities, keeping a focus on local and supporting the communities we are in.

pouches are ligthweight and flexible graphics illustrating their smaller eco footprint 2 gnubees flexible pouches, 1 filled and one empty and flattened, rolled up. 3 hexagon icons showing that 60lbs of beverages can be fit in either 50kbs of glass bottle or only 1.3lbs of pouches. Showing that the ecological and carbon footprint is smaller

why we love flexible pouches

We deliberated on what packaging to use and decided on pouches for the main reason that they have the lowest carbon footprint and are the most environmentally friendly out of all packaging options.

Pouches use 28x less material than glass and 5x less than plastic bottles. Less raw materials means less waste, less energy used and reduced carbon emissions throuahout the lifecycle of the pouch - 75% less energy than Aluminum!

Plus - they are super convenient! Easy to ship to you (no stress of breaking). Easy for you to pack in lunches, hikes, camping or any time you are on the go.

Don't forget to recycle.