Mango Tango - 12 Pouches
Mango Tango - 12 Pouches
boy in blue tshirt and sitting on a red soccer ball drinking a gnubees mango tango from a flexible pouch
Mango Tango - 12 Pouches
girl in blue jeans and purple hoodie sitting on a swing holding a pouch of gnubees
Mango Tango - 12 Pouches

Mango Tango - 12 Pouches

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Taste the tropics in mango tango. So good your kiddos will dance. And you will sneak it. A guilt free delight. 

Lunch box friendly, on-the-go gnurition! Our resealable flexible pouches are kid proof and environmentally friendly. These picky-eater approved flavours are enjoyed just as much by parents... and no stress, the fibre means no sugar crash!
(check out leading dietician Jenn Messina and her blog on fibre)

We wanted better. So, we created GnuSanté, for the express purpose of delivering honest, nutritional benefits. We wanted to put the consumer before the corporation.

We use simple, healthy, non-GMO ingredients, sourced as locally as possible, and formulate them to deliver specific nutritional benefits. All of our business choices are centered around what’s best for the consumer and the environment.

We were told we couldn’t succeed doing small batch production with high priced, quality ingredients. We’re proving them wrong every day, because consumers deserve better and are demanding better.

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- Real Fruit Juice 

- 3 grams of Fibre

- 6 grams of Protein

- Calcium & Magnesium


- Gluten

- Nuts 

- GMOs

- Added Sugars

From our family to yours
we put you first
why pouches

Earth Respecting & Convenient