5 Things You Didn’t Know About gnubees

5 Things You Didn’t Know About gnubees

Although our roots in the beverage industry go back over 35 years, there’s likely a lot you don’t know about us! We’re always excited to share our story, so here are 5 Things You Didn’t Know About gnubees…

  • We’re a family business. Owned by myself and my food scientist dad, we create health beverages as if they’re all going to our loved ones….because lots of them are! Working with family can be amazing, but it’s our shared excitement for creating and selling the best products possible that really keeps us together. We believe that our family deserves the best and so does yours.
  • We made gnubees for busy moms like me… and busy kids like mine. Full disclosure: I never wanted to be in the food biz. I was minding my own business, raising two young kids and working in a career I loved, but totally stressed about finding healthy snacks that worked for our hectic lifestyle. Enter my dad…. he told me about his idea for a grab and go smoothie that tasted good and offered balanced nutrition. Ummm… yes please! However, there was a small issue - he didn’t have the time to get the products to market. So, I actually came to GnuSanté as its first customer, leaving my career so that we could get gnubees into my pantry - and yours.
  • We are local, because local products are better for you (and the environment). Do you know what it takes to get food products onto store shelves across North America? We do, and it’s not pretty. That’s why we don’t distribute our products nationally, but choose to focus on our local region instead. National distribution requires lots of compromises on product quality (both for financial reasons, and to increase shelf life). Those many little compromises add up to big issues in the form of cheap and/or artificial ingredients… and like I said in point one, our kids deserve better and so do yours.
  • Balanced nutrition is good. Are you ever driving across town, with your daughter’s soccer team singing Moana songs in the back of your minivan, and wish there was something convenient AND healthy you could give them to keep those good vibes flowing? Well the thing with nutrition is that your body likes it when all the nutrients ride-share too. The fact that gnubees offers “balanced nutrition” isn’t just a catch-phrase, it’s a nutritional slam dunk. It means that your child’s body can absorb each nutrient better, giving them the positive fuel they need to tackle sports or homework or track 9 of the Moana soundtrack. Just as importantly, consuming snacks that contain meaningful amounts of protein and fiber actually buffers the body’s insulin response. This essentially means you avoid sugar highs and crashes. AKA, gnubees offers meltdown free snacking.
  • It’s in a pouch because it’s more environmentally friendly. We get asked about our pouches a lot and it’s an easy question to answer—they’re just better. Pouches require about 20x less trucks on the road than products in bottles, which translates to a significantly lower carbon footprint overall…. And that’s something we get excited about!

Have questions about gnubees? Send us a message on Facebook. We’re always up for chatting about kids’ nutrition.

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