Family Friendly Fun for the Holiday Break 2021

Family Friendly Fun for the Holiday Break 2021

The holidays are close upon us and along with them comes Christmas break. As parents, we all know that once Christmas is over and the excitement wears off, kids can get restless and bored, wreaking havoc on our peace. But a little pre-planning now can go a long way towards creating a memorable “break” for everyone. Here are some healthy, family friendly activities that will keep you laughing and enjoying your time together till the school bells chime. Some of them might even help the kids burn off energy and you burn extra holiday calories. Consider incorporating some of these ideas into gift opportunities and/or stocking stuffers.


lets go climbing






 Indoor rock climbing - Kids are climbers no matter what age they are. See if your area has an indoor rock climbing gym. Most offer climbing for all skill levels and equipment can be rented. Climbing pros will show you the ropes and get all of you started. A gift certificate day pass makes a great stocking stuffer or gift for everyone in the family. You can also grab a gnubees at Ground Up Climbing in Squamish, to help fuel the fun :) 

gnubees snacks for winter fun Winter sports - If you live in a snowy climate, your options for outdoor activities are endless. Ice skating, tubing, sledding and skiing all make for great fun, even for beginners. Plan a date for a family sledding night, grab the toboggan and saucers and head for the nearest sledding hill. You’ll stay warm walking back up the hill and everyone will sleep well at night.


fuel winter fun with nutritional snack beverage for kids gnubeesMake a snow fort or a sandcastle - Mark it on the calendar if you can. It’ll keep the kids busy for hours. In cold climates, building an igloo or snow fort is a fun project that can keep your kids busy and away from the electronics for hours on a winter day. For warmer climates, if there’s a beach nearby, plan an afternoon making sandcastles.


Plan a movie and a game night - Let everyone pick a movie ahead of time for your family movie marathon. Include bags of microwave popcorn and popcorn seasonings in stockings. Do the same for game night. Let everyone choose their favorite game and snacks ahead of time. Get the games together now. Put them in a plastic bin and fill with game night only snacks just for the occasion.


Camp indoors - No matter what climate, camping indoors is always fun. Let the kids gather sheets and blankets and create their own indoor camp. If you have the room, let them pitch their tent indoors. Consider stuffing stockings with flashlights, small battery operated lanterns and camp snacks to use on their adventure. Indoor camps are also great hang out and reading spots so be sure to have coloring books, crayons and other quiet activities to keep them occupied while in their fort


Plan a craft day - If your kids like to do crafts, this can keep them busy for hours. From painting or drawing to making jewelry or collages, the possibilities are endless. Provide them with an assortment of crafting supplies, perfect for stocking stuffers.

If you plan just a little bit ahead, you can make this holiday break a healthy, happy time for everyone. We created gnubees, a nutritious beverage made with real fruit juice, just for active kids. We don’t believe that you have to sacrifice nutrition while you’re on the go. Our gnubees functional shakes for kids are available in three fruity flavors, and are a great source of protein and fiber, calcium and magnesium. And because gnubees are made with only the highest quality natural ingredients, you’ll avoid the sugar crashes that come with drinking sodas and other beverages. gnubees also come in convenient eco-friendly pouches and don’t require refrigeration making them the perfect, nutritious, on-the-go companion for kids. Check out our line of delicious, nutritious shakes for kids at

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