International Women's Day

International Women's Day
gnubees is a family business, and we are privileged to have some very strong women pioneering and leading us. We want to take a moment to thank these amazing women. 


A loving and passionate Mom, there is no one that compares to Sarah! She is one of the original voices behind gnubees. She left her lucrative music industry job, joining her dad to launch the dream of creating a perfect grab&go smoothie. GnuSanté would not be here without her passion, drive, brains and pioneering voice. Thank you, Sarah. 


Jasmine is the youngest member of the GnuSante crew—what she lacks in age she makes up for in smiles and curiosity. Jasmine works with Sarah to curate the gnubees brand, and can be spotted around town at your favourite local retailer sharing drinks with shoppers, don’t be afraid to say hi! If you know gnubees, a lot of that is because of Jasmine's work and passion. Thank you, Jasmine. 

AUTUMN! (the newest member)

Returning to Canada after travelling the world working and living, she is excited to be truly coming home to family and the family business. Although, not a mom - she let us in on her secret - she loves gnubees as a sweet treat and has helped us revision gnubees to be more than a 'little ones' snack. We are excited to have you. 


We can't say enough about all the dedication and support Erica provides to GnuSanté. If you have ever ordered from us, if you are part of our new subscription program, you can thank Erica for making sure that your order(s) get processed and to your door. Thank you Erica!


Here at GnuSanté we are proud and excited to have such a strong and powerful crew of Women! Happy International Women's Day and thank you to all the amazing women around the world who make our days better.

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