So its Back to School in BC

So its Back to School in BC

As kids head back to the new version of classrooms around the province we wanted to highlight a couple of local resources, teacher insights and tasty essentials. 


Health & Safety @ School

We reached out to some of our favourite teachers and here is what they had to say. 

  • HAND CREAM: There will be an increased focus on hand washing, especially in the elementary schools where masks are not mandatory for the kids. That means a lot of dry hands, make sure they have a small hand cream for school and at night. 
  • INDEPENDENCY: Being as independent as possible during the day is helpful. Clothes and shoes that kids can change themselves as well as lunches/snacks that they do not need assistance opening. 
  • MASK LANYARDS: Especially for the older kids, a mask lanyard could be helpful, navigating around schools and not forgetting your mask. The granny glasses look of masks ;) 

Cool, fun, kid sized masks (made in BC) :

young brown haired girl in a flower shirt wearing her playful pink and patterned mask by gogobagsGogoBags - With reviews raving about comfort paired with fun patterns, there is sure to be a perfect mask or 2 or 5 for the school days and around town. You can also feel extra awesome about your purchase as on qualifying masks it's buy one, donate one.

a playful kids fox mask on a yellow backgroundMake Vancouver - with so many fun designs and small sizes, your little ones will find a favourite to wear. They can even design their own mask - how fun is that!

young asian boy in a long sleeve blue shirt and backpacked excitedly wearing his blue mask for school maskMasksForSchool - they may be plain, but these eco friendly masks are extra comfortable and made with high tech material. Right now they are available for pre-order and we can't wait to get our hands on them. (currently only sold in bulk)


Healthy Lunch/Snack Essentials 

WATER BOTTLES are going to be a must bring this school year, more so than ever! Water fountains are being replaced with water bottle stations in many of the schools around BC with the goal of reducing high contact surfaces. 

Our favourite BC made kid snacks (school friendly):

gnubees nutritional beverages are perfect for lunches or on the go snacks, filled with protein, fiber and 15% of daily vitamin & minerals. Try freezing them, act as a cold pack and ready to drink by meal time.  



Wise Bites cookies & treats are plant-based, school safe smart snacks are perfect for lunch boxes - filled with nutrition and free from top 11 allergies. 

Sunrype fruit snacks have a wide variety of lunch box favourites, from classic fruit-leathers, fruit snacks to protein bars and bites. 


 PLUS wrap up your veggie sticks, sandwiches and other items in nature bee wrap reusable wraps (easy to open and use) 

Check out this list of lunch ideas from Health BC: Lunches to Go


 BC School Board Back to School Resources:

Back to School Facts

Online & Distributed Learning Info 

Resources for Supporting you child's learning 


We are wishing everyone a safe and happy back to school season!  


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