Why We Made gnubees - The Kids Nutritional Beverage

Why We Made gnubees - The Kids Nutritional Beverage

A few years ago, I was working in the music business (though, really, it sometimes feels like I was sitting in a different office just yesterday). I loved it. As a music lover, it was the job of a lifetime - I listened to my tunes, attended shows, and earned an income from it. Picture perfect, right? Fast forward to 2014 - I had kids, and although I was still working in music, my after-work schedule looked a LOT different; instead of worrying about which pair of boots would look oh-so-good with my outfit, I was instead focused on my children. Primarily, were they healthy, happy and exceeding in their development. It was at this point in time when the impact and importance of nutrition really hit me, truly hit me, and became something I was fixated on. Like most moms, I spent tons of time packing nut-free lunches and nutritious snacks every single day. I was constantly going from Point A to Point B, being birthday parties, soccer games, gymnastics, swimming and about a million other places. As my kids got older, the schedule got even tougher… We were often eating on the way, seeming to always be in a state of rush. As I as driving to one of the many activities they took part in, I thought - why the heck isn’t there something convenient that I can trust to nourish my children?

Let me tell you - this search was a total let-down. Not only were there minimal selections, my kids were always complaining about the taste of the products I did try. That, and they either a) cost a fortune or b) had nuts (which aren’t allowed in schools here).

My Dad, being a food scientist, heard me loud and clear. I spoke to him at length about how I thought the industry was failing me, a busy mom who was simply trying to do her best. These rants eventually turned into ideas and genuine conversations. He told me that he had an idea - an idea to create a kids nutritional beverage that could not only make my day easier, but help other moms whom I knew were so desperate for options.

Fast forward to 2017, and I moved on from that job in music to build another dream here at GnuSante. I’m working with my Dad and have now launched gnubees—the perfect grab n go smoothie for my busy littles. We’re so proud to be in stores like Whole Foods, Nesters, IGA, and passionate independently owned grocery stores, (and online here!), among many of the ways you can try gnubees for yourself. Our dreams are only getting started which is great cuz my son wants to play hockey now… hello 6am icetime!

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