Mamas for Mamas gnubees Box
Mamas for Mamas gnubees Box
3 delicious and nutritious flavours of gnubees: mango, banana and raspberry in brightly coloured flexible pouches with fun graphics, fruit drawings and the adorable gnusanté gnu.
Mamas for Mamas gnubees Box
gnubees go bananas in bright playful yellow flexible pouches with the gnusanté gnu cartoon, list of benefits including fribre, protein and calcium
Mamas for Mamas gnubees Box
gnubees mango tango flexible pouch in bright mango orange colour. These pouch highlights the numerous benefits including protein, fibre, nutrients, real juice, no gluten and nut free. The pouch includes the cute gnusanté gnu and bumblebee.
Mamas for Mamas gnubees Box
Rocking raspberry gnubees pouch is one of the kids favourites, this bright red flexible pouch with the adorable cartoon gnu of gnusanté. The pouch lists the many benefits of gnusante with real juice, 3 grams of fibre, 6 grams of protein, calcium and magnesium.
Mamas for Mamas gnubees Box
Mamas for Mamas gnubees Box
Mamas for Mamas gnubees Box
Mamas for Mamas gnubees Box
Mamas for Mamas gnubees Box

Mamas for Mamas gnubees Box

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We have teamed up with Mamas for Mamas!

For each of these special gnubees boxes purchased we will donated one box to Mamas for Mamas and help support a family in need. 

gnubees is fuelling the fun with on-the-go nurition! Our resealable flexible pouches are kid proof and environmentally friendly. They are picky-eater approved and enjoyed just as much by parents... PLUS no stress, the fibre means no sugar peak or crash! 

Mamas for Mamas is a national charitable organization that supports mothers and caregivers in crisis by providing ongoing support to individuals and families facing various poverty-related struggles. Their mission is to change the landscape of poverty through innovative approaches to financial barriers faced by struggling families. While their name is Mamas for Mamas, they welcome caregivers of any gender identity or expression, including men, trans*, non-binary, and two-spirit clients, and envision a future where no Mama or child is left behind.

suitable for ages 2 and up

*Have a question? Check out that chat button in the corner - we would love to connect with you! 


Protien & Fibre balanced for your kiddos

A snacking choice they love and you can feel good about! Delicious, nutritious and convenient all in an eco-conscious pouch!

Discover why dietitians love gnubees

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Maya P.
Kids loved them!

My picky kids couldn't seem to get enough of these drinks! One small concern I had was the plastic ring on the cap seal remained on the bottle spout when broken and was easily pulled off by little hands. This could be a choking hazard if you're not careful. Otherwise fantastic and will be purchasing more soon. Love local products!

Randi T.
My daughter loves them

She loved every flavour she tried. The only criticism I have is that the packages could be offered at smaller sizes, she finds them a bit too big.

Tiffany H.
So far, so great ♡

I bought the sampler pack for my picky little 5 year old. Some days I can barely get food into her, so I liked the idea of having some protein and healthy juice to have on hand. She has liked all the flavors she has tried so far! Happy momma, happy kid!

Awe - the stories we love to hear. Thank you for sharing

Amanda K.

Sampler pack is great for trying all the flavors and picking your favorites!

Great drink

I won't lie I was very Hesitant To spend the money On this drink I mean you can get Cheap drinks at your local grocery store But I took the plunge with the $5 off for your 1st order and I am so glad I did my 3 year old got very sick and was getting very dehydrated because she wasn't drinking anything she is a very fussy eater at the best of times so being sick just makes it worse So I opened up this box and she has been drinking it she actually loves it and asked for it so I am back to order more because it is definitely worth the money I love that it's healthy for her and I am happy that it is a small Canadian business .if you have a picky eater,like healthy food and want to support small businesses then I highly recommend this drink. Some things are just worth the money and this is one of those things

THANK YOU! Glad we had a drink that helps keep your little one going, truly your story and one's like yours is the reason we make our drinks - fuelling your family and ours. Thanks for brightening your day with your story and glad we can help.