go bananas - 12 pouches
go bananas - 12 pouches
go bananas - 12 pouches
go bananas - 12 pouches
go bananas - 12 pouches

go bananas - 12 pouches

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They’ll go bananas for this creamy smoothie. There’s no monkeying around with this staff favourite. 

Lunch box friendly, on-the-go gnurition! Our resealable flexible pouches are kid proof and environmentally friendly. These picky-eater approved flavours are enjoyed just as much by parents... and no stress, the fibre means no sugar crash! (Check out leading dietitian Jenn Messina and her blog on fibre.)

suitable for ages 2 and up

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Banana and Organic Pear Juice, Dairy Base, Whey Protein Isolate, Chicory Root Inulin, Organic Tapioca Solids, Pectin, Natural Flavours, Milk Minerals, Organic Honey, Malic Acid, Marine Magnesium, Citric Acid.  

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 127 reviews
    Liezel C.

    My kids love this drink its nit sweet just right for them and packaging its easy to bring and handle. Hoping this will be availble at mybregular store.

    Darin W.

    The packaging is nice but the product was difficult to find in store. I asked two different staff members and they never heard of it after I showed them the coupons. I happened to be in the baby food aisle and there were the pouches on the bottom shelf. I got the Banana, Raspberry and Mango pouches. They were tasty and just sweet enough. They reminded me of a yogurt type smoothie although slightly more chalky. I think kids will like them but they are very expensive.


    Loved the way the package looked, eye catching. Great sized package. My son was excited to try this drink. Great smelling and tasting product. This was our first time trying this type of nutritional drink as we had not noticed them before. We were only able to find the banana flavored individual pouch at our local store but will be sure to look around to see if we can find the other yummy flavors that are available.

    Lorena S.

    The packaging was very good and the colors are cute.
    We tried the banna one. The texture was a bit thick and the flavor was good. It was a bit hard to find in my local store had to go to a few different stores but we did find it. I would buy it again to try other flavor.

    Babs L.

    Great tasting snack if you need something in a hurry. There is a lot of packaging for the amount you get but it tastes good. Only complaint is that it is on the pricey side.